Year in review 2021

January 12, 2022


2021 has been a year I look at back at with mixed feelings. On one hand I am aware of the struggles many teachers face, on the other hand I feel I shared a lot of ideas this year and am proud of the inspiration teachers found in all of the projects organised. Allow me to share the key elements of last year!

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In 2021

Customers served! 0 Blog posts were published
Customers served! 0 CLIL teachers found inspiration in an online CLIl training
Customers served! 0 Teachers worldwide joined the Online CLIL Summit

And I am grateful for all of the positive responses and feedback I received.

Let's break down these numbers and help you get ready for 2022!

Free inspiration in blog posts

With 25 blog posts written in 2021 I hope you found something interesting for your CLIL lessons!

I will probably not write that many blog posts again in 2022 because I want to focus on other things as well, but you will certainly be able to find new ideas and inspiration on a regular basis!

My top picks from 2022:

How a deadline can motivate students

Deadlines work, not just for students, but for teachers as well!

The choice board

A very practical, easy-to-implement differentiation activity that will increase motivation in your lesson

Three things every CLIL teacher should do, and why

A selection of things CLIL teachers themselves think should be included in a CLIL lesson

Workshops and challenges

I have never hosted as many online workshops or challenges as I have done this year. With one 5-day challenge and two online workshops, teachers from all over the world could learn about CLIL in a quick and practical way!

In 2022 I aim to organise at least two of these events again as these certainly help teachers. It is simply very motivating to work on a specific topic with a group of like-minded individuals who want to learn the same thing as you do!

Online CLIL Summit 2021

With more than 1500 teachers worldwide participating and 13 expert sessions during this 5-day event, this was a big success. Teachers from all over the world joined the inspiration sessions, networking meetings, panel discussions and co-working sessions throughout the week.

The energy I get from listening to all of your experiences and ideas is enough to keep me going for months after!

There will be an online CLIL summit again this year. You can be sure of that!

The CLIL Roadmap Membership

My dream come true

A group of CLIl teachers from all over the world who get together on a regular basis to talk CLIL. 

And not just talk. With monthly Q&A's and additional training, accompanied by a vast online CLIL academy, this is type of education I wish had existed when I started teaching CLIL.

My goal for 2022? To make this even more valuable and a no-brainer to join ;).

Join the waiting list below and be the first to know when registration opens again!

What do you want to learn next?

2022 has started and I look forward to be of assistance to you in your search for inspiration, ideas and activities for your CLIL lesson!

Let me know what you would like to learn below in the comments and maybe I might just be able to help you out!

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