Free mini-workshop

Patrick de Boer

CLIL Coach & Teacher trainer

From Planning to Practice

The five steps to more engaging CLIL lessons without spending more time

For secondary school teachers teaching in bilingual education.

During this free, online mini-workshop you are going to discover:

  • What five stages are present in any lesson and how these can be leveraged to work in your favour
  • How you can use these stages to prepare your lessons in less time
  • Which small tweaks to your lesson already make a huge impact on student engagement, without the need for more preparation time
  • What practical, prep-less activities you can use in your lesson to 'CLILify' it. Now.

Next date: To be announced

You can click the link below to watch a recording of a previous session

Some of the responses to this mini-workshop

The webinar was great! Very informative and to the point. One of the major issues is precisely the planning. 

Julian Magaña

You’re a genius in holding an engaging and interactive online webinar!

Freda Chen

Back in time, I used to take longer on making activities from scratch. After this webinar I 've noticed that the simple is best when it comes to activities

Patricia Ramirez

Your presentation is really amazing! You give me a lot of ideas how to improve students language without letting them know about it :) Thank you so much!


The webinar is very useful and interactive. Thank you for your dedication.

Tra Dinh

I enjoyed this webinar because now I am more conscious about making lesson objectives that are concise and can be checked easily at the end of the lessons. This was sooooo worth my time. Thanks once again Patrick.

Chineme Emeodi