Pre-plans and key takeaways

Pre-plans for ‘EATING HEALTHILY'

The pre-plan for both lessons contains all the information you would expect to find for any lesson in any subject, CLIL or non-CLIL. This includes information about the learners and the lesson length, information about the learners’ assumed knowledge and skills, the lesson’s aims and learning outcomes, and the materials and resources it will make use of.

NB: We have added explanatory notes to the lesson plans - they are in highlighted in yellow.

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  • There are important similarities between the two pre-plans, e.g. the content aims and the type of information provided.
  • In the CLIL pre-plan, the language level of learners is tightly specified, whereas in the non-CLIL lesson the teacher assumes the learners will have the L1 proficiency expected of the age group.
  • In the CLIL lesson, the assumptions about learners’ language level make it very clear to the teacher what materials and tasks are suitable for this level of learner, and where scaffolding might be needed.
  • The range of lesson aims is more extensive in the CLIL lesson, covering more types of aim. CLIL lessons normally have 4 aims which cover the 4 C’s: content, communication, cognitive skills, citizenship/ culture.
  • Both pre-plans show the lesson will make full use of visual and computer-based resources. This is a recognition of how important motivation is in whatever lesson, and how these resources can help build motivation.