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Online CLIL Summit 2020: Learn from the best

Online CLIL Summit 2020: Learn from the best

Online CLIL Summit 2020: Learn from the best

Sharing this is both exciting and a little scary..

As many of you know, I am no longer a teacher. I have decided to stop teaching and become a fulltime teacher trainer, focusing on CLIL. 

Obviously I had to come up with activities I thought were interesting for CLIL teachers around the world. Activities that would fit my mission: Help CLIL teachers worldwide to connect and learn from each other.

The Online CLIL Summit 2020 fits that mission perfectly!

Why a summit in the first place?

Actually, I got this idea from Letizia and Daniela from Italy. They organise something similar on a regular basis called Techno-CLIL and I thought: I might just be able to do something like that.

A summit is a great place to find inspiration, meet new people and learn new things.

Obviously we cannot host actual summits while the corona situation is still very much influencing our everyday lives. 

So why not do it online?

The purpose of the summit

The tagline of the summit is: Preparing and implementing an engaging CLIL lesson.

Quite an ambitious goal, but I am sure the great line up of speakers will be able to help you reach this goal!

The fantastic line up of speakers for this summit

The summit is NOT going to be all inspiration and no activities. 

It is going to be practical, it is going to help you learn more about CLIL and it is something that I think will be a great event to remember.

Have I made you curious? 

Click the button and find out more!

Who will be speaking?

You can meet many CLIL experts from around the world like Phil Ball, Rosie Tanner, Keith Kelly, Linton Roe and many more! 

The sessions will be both interviews as well as presentations and many include Q&A's so you can ask questions to the experts yourself.

So, if you ...

  • Need new ideas and inspiration for your CLIL lesson
  • Feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start
  • Feel stressed out because planning a CLIL lesson takes so much time

Join the Online CLIL Summit 2020 for free and find out how I and many other people from around the world tackle these challenges.

I just can't wait to meet you during the Online CLIL Summit 2020!