3 fun websites to motivate your students to learn

September 3, 2018


Primary school kids also learn languages and sometimes need some help with their motivation, just like their older counterparts. Fun certainly helps with that, so a couple of students shared their resources with me and I really like the fun games website they showed me!

Interested in other ICT tools for your CLIL Lesson? I wrote a blog post for secondary school students as well.

Fun games for Kids

As you know, I write these blog posts to help out fellow teachers, so I was quite surprised when I received a mail from a teacher telling me her students used my website as a resource as well. I was intrigued, especially when she mentioned her students followed up on the challenge I provided on that specific page: to find more ICT resources!

The website they found was Fun games for Kids, a fun website with a lot of different links to other websites. Allow me to discuss a few of them, so you don’t have to click on all of them to have a look!

Target Audience

For the record, the target audience of the website is slightly younger than my own students. I assume the website if focused more on 4-12 year olds than the secondary school age group I teach myself.

That might also be the reason the ‘fun games’ phrase is used, this might be a but childish for teenagers.

Just so you know!

A selection of the links

1. Arcademics

This website hosts a variety of education games for young learners. The topics discussed vary from simple math to geography and language games

2. Free Rice

Want to do good while learning English? This website donates rice as you provide correct answers to the meaning of certain English words. How is that for motivation!

3. Master of Disaster

No, this is not a certain student who gives you a headache every time you see him (or her). This website actually provides an interactive comic that shows learners how to cope with natural disasters. I really liked the original way it was presented!

Any more?

These three links are just a few of the fun games found on this interesting website.

Thanks again for sharing this with me! Do you have any more website that might be of interest? Feel free to share below!

Credits: Image designed by Pressfoto

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