Five of the best CLIL resources online

February 22, 2016


In the posts on this website I usually share my opinion on CLIL as well as share some ideas of others. This time however, I would like to share CLIL resources that I think are really worth your time and can be used to advance both your knowledge of CLIL as well as help you with ideas for your lessons.

1. Peter Sansom’s Blog

Peter Sansom is a Dutch Art and Design CLIL teacher who shares his lesson ideas on his blog. His regular updates and easy to read articles are a must read for every art teacher who uses CLIL. Peter will also contribute to CLIL Magazine, so if you like his work make sure to keep an eye on the next issue!

2. Playing CLIL

CLIL and Drama, a perfect combination according to this website. The EU funded project Playing CLIL is a collaboration of different European schools and has just published their results in an easy-to-read e-book, which is available for free! Furthermore, you can watch online videos to see the activities mentioned in action, so you know exactly what to expect.

Do you teach drama? Don’t forget to have a look at this!

3. Pick a researcher’s brain

As CLIL has become a world wide phenomenon, a lot of research has been done to study its effects and results. Many of these researchers and experts form a network called CLIL Research Network. They occasionally send out newsletters about CLIL events as well as research concerning CLIL.

If you are interested in more information regarding the research into CLIL, this is your place to be. With over 180 CLIL experts mentioned, you are sure to find someone who can help you out.

4. CLIL Tools

Combining CLIL and ICT was a theme of CLIL Magazine not long ago, and this website has taken this to the next level. The website CLIL Tools can help language teachers to author and share content rich multimedia learning units in a CLIL way. A bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry, they wrote an excellent guide for CLIL teachers on how to use their software most effectively!

5. The Teacher Toolkit

Not a CLIL website per sé, but a great website to be inspired by a variety of activities. Well explained and documented with free worksheets and videos of the activities in a class setting. I personally love this website, if only for the inspiration it gives me to see the students’ response to the different activities.

Ever in need of ideas? Have a look at The Teacher Toolkit and you’ll be sure to have plenty in no time.


That’s pretty much the total list of websites I wanted to share for today. You could of course also read other blog posts on this website regarding CLIL activities, like “Three ready to use activities to activate language” and “Three CLIL Activities to start your lesson“. You can find all of my articles related to this in the CLIL Activities Category.

I hope you like this compilation of CLIL resources. Sign up for regular updates on CLIL ideas and activities or share your all-time favorite! I look forward to your response!

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I am an English and French teacher with a background in Physics Engineering, and new to CLIL. In order to complete my Masters Degree in English Language Teaching, I have to complete a small project consisting of a short video depicting a real CLIL class. Your insight has been tremendously helpful.

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