(Even) better CLIL lessons without spending hours on preparation, looking for materials and ideas or inspiration

(and meet fellow CLIL teachers to learn from in the process)

You might just feel you do not apply CLIL effectively

When I started out with CLIL over a decade ago, I had to search wide and far for ideas and activities for my lesson.

I felt I was constantly reinventing the wheel, had to come up with all of the activities myself and was quite unsure whether I was actually doing a good job.

I lacked the possibility to discuss with fellow CLIL colleagues or to chat with someone more experience about whether I was doing a good job.

Actually, coming up with the activities was quite hard and it would have been nice if someone would actually had given me a few ideas.

You know, just to start.....

But together we can improve this!

What would it be like when...

  • ..you no longer had to change all of the activities from the books to fit your situation?
  • ..you could find inspiration and ideas by having regular chats with fellow CLIL teachers?
  • ..you received help and coaching for the challenges you encounter?
  • ..you had access to a database of CLIL activities, tested in classroom situations?
  • ..you did not have to spend hours on preparing a CLIL lesson ?

Maybe you are one of those teachers who ..

has been inspired a couple of times already ..

by a workshop, a video or a presentation ..

something that really triggered you to do something new next lesson ..

but once you set down to prepare the next lesson ..

you lost all of the inspiration and ideas ..

and before you knew it ..

your lessons did not change ..

not even a little.

What a waste!

Simply because you lacked the activities to do that do not require more time ..

and someone who helped you to change those ideas into actionable activities.

End this now

What about this?

You no longer need to look for activities that might work in your lessons..

.. but actually have plenty of activities to choose from, all of them ready to use, without the need to spend time on preparing them.

How much time would it save you if you did not have to spend all of this time..

..looking for inspiration, ideas and activities?

Not just this week, but this month, this year!

But before I tell you more about how you can do just that..

.. think about what you are currently experiencing.

What about the level of frustration you have when you feel like you did not do a 'good CLIL lesson', again?

The uncertainty of knowing if you did a good job..

..after spending hours on preparing that great lesson?


please do not allow this to be a barrier for you anymore.

Start spending time on the thing you love the most: teaching.

Be inspired again to do those great things with your students..

things that make your lesson more fun and engaging.

Let me help you with

CLIL Group Coaching

With a small group of fellow CLIL teachers from all over the world..

..we are going to make your CLIL lessons (even) better!

What are we (!) going to do?

During the CLIL Coaching Programme, you will meet fellow CLIL teachers.

Not just to share ideas, but to share experiences, learn from each other, be inspired.

And that is not all.

During this 10 week programme, I will personally help you develop activities that fit your situation.

You no longer have to change activities to make them fit your specific situation.

We will do that together :).

No more time spend on changing activities to make them work, we change the activities during these sessions to make sure they work for you!

But again, that's not all!

During these 10 weeks, I will share all of the activities I use in my lessons.

Not just ideas from books, no worksheets from the internet, actual activities I use!

I will include:

- the response of my students

- my ideas why they work or do not work

- my help to apply them to your lesson.

In other words: I am going to take you by the hand and get your lessons CLIL-ed up in this short period of time.

And the end of these 10 weeks, you will not just have a way better understanding of CLIL

..you will be able to apply it to your lesson, repeating the steps I taught to keep doing this

Saving you a lot of preparation time in the process!

What is included?

  • 10 group coaching sessions
    In 2020 we will plan 10 group coaching sessions of 1 hour, every Monday evening at 20:30 CEST
  • Activities for you to do
    You receive activities and tasks to do and we will provide each other with (constructive!) feedback to improve
  • One of a kind - hussle with fellow CLIL teachers
    Together with fellow CLIL teachers you are going to work on improving your CLIL lessons and helping each other to become (even) better

Your investment for this opportunity

To be a part of this small, select group of people under my personal guidance will be €495,-


But there is more...

If you invest in the group coaching, I want it to be the best investment you have done in a long time when it comes to your professional development.

What better way to do that to provide you even more value for your money?

Bonus 1
1 year access to the online clil courses

Coaching is great, but it is simply not possible to explain all of the important elements of CLIL in a series of group coachings sessions alone.

That is why you will have access to the online CLIL courses about various different CLIL related topics as well.

With the help of these courses you will develop your understanding of CLIL even more!

Bonus 2
1 year access to the CLIL Crash course "Language Skills"

All of the videos (that are no longer available for the public) of the CLIL Crash Course on Language Skills.

You know, the training like the "CLIL Quick Start", with a different focus.

And even more practical lesson ideas...

Bonus 3
1 year access to the CLIL Quick start 2019 Videos + notes

The videos of the CLIL Quick Start havo also disappeared after two weeks...

But not for you ;).

What's more, I will share all of my preparation notes with you.

My thoughts on all of the topics discussed, ready for you to read and digest.

What are the other options?

Well... figuring it all out on your own...

- Spend hours to find new ideas

- Work on activities you are not sure work in your lesson

- Feel unsure if the things you do are actually CLIL

- Do not know if the activity you did has been done before (and maybe better)

- Have to do everything on your own

You are not seriously considering that anymore, are you? ;)

Why act now?

You might think: there is still plenty of time

But this group is limited to only 5-10 individuals.

From all over Europe.

And its availability is: first come-first serve...

Still need to discuss with your superiors? 

That's totally fine

But as soon as you know you can join, be sure to apply!

This coaching group is best suited for...

  • Secondary school subject teachers who just start out with CLIL and don't know where to start
  • Secondary school subject teachers with a little experience, but in need of new ideas and inspiration
  • Secondary school subject teachers who want to learn from fellow teachers and meet new people
Patrick de Boer

CLIL Coach and teacher trainer

Who is Patrick de Boer?

So, who am I and what is my experience with CLIL?

I have experienced CLIL education as a student myself and have taught for over a decade in CLIL teaching Mathematics to students aged 12-16.

As chief editor of CLIL Magazine and by providing CLIL workshops to various schools and teachers, I realised my drive to help teachers work with CLIL worldwide without constantly have to reinvent the wheel.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As I said, I really want this to be the best investment you have made in a long time when it comes to your personal development.

In other words: I want you to be 100% satisfied.

If you feel after 1 session the sessions do not live up to your expectations, just let me know and the money will be refunded.

No questions asked.

That is how confident I am this material works for you!

Is this for secondary education only?

Do I have to pay immediately?

Is it wise to do this if I am a language teacher?

I have no experience with CLIL, is that a problem?

I am currently not teaching, is that okay?

How long will I have access to all the materials?

Is this for people in Europe only?

My question is not listed..how do I contact you?