CLIL Courses & Coaching

Learn how prepare your lessons in 15 minutes max.

Ideas and inspiration for CLIL activities

Personal coaching to achieve maximum results

Recognise this?

  • It takes a lot of time to prepare CLIL activities, let alone a CLIL lesson
  • You have to figure out all of the activities for your lesson
  • You do not always have inspiration to come up with new activities

I know what it feels like...

Hi, my name is Patrick de Boer. CLIL Coach and teacher

Over a decade ago I started teaching using CLIL....and quickly noticed I had to do a lot of extra work.

Implementing language elements in my lesson, figuring out new activities, applying things like 'scaffolding' or 'BICS'.

After becoming a CLIL coach,  I used this experience to help out fellow CLIL teachers.

Every CLIL teacher has personal challenges, but I found many of these challenges overlap.

This knowledge allows me to help you out with your challenges as well!

What can you expect?



You need to prepare a CLIL lesson for the next day.

As you think about the different lesson stages of a CLIL lesson, you come up with various ways to accommodate the different learning styles of your students.

It takes only minutes to think of activities for the different moments, making sure students are actively engaged with language.

You have a quick look at your database of activities to see if you can think of something new, but decide you only need to  implement a few changes to the way you scaffold the learning process of the students.

The whole process took you 15 minutes. Max.

Sounds interesting?

This can be possible for you!

The online courses teach you the right things to do

The coaching helps you to actually implement them in your situation

What do others say?

"Patrick is a born presenter and teacher. He is always open to various questions and ready to support every student.

I strongly advise to take this course to everybody who interested in CLIL and wants to be engaged in activities connected with CLIL implementation."

Svetlana, Russia

"Because of Patrick's help, I became much more confident in teaching CLIL and apply it more often than I used to (I even share CLIL ideas with my colleagues now)."

Mieke, The Netherlands

"I really enjoyed the videos, especially because it is not just 'talk' but you show and involve us by making us experience the activities as well"

Dr. Gottfried Thomas, Germany

What do you get?

  • Step by step plans and personal help to prepare your lessons. ASAP.
  • Information on various topics for both beginners and more advanced learners.
  • Ready to use activities for your lesson. A lot of them.

What makes these courses different from others?
I am glad you asked ;)

I am just a 'simple' teacher. I teach, I do not do research. (Don't have the time to do that..)

Nor do I intend to do so anytime soon.

Sure, research is important, but whenever I read research related to CLIL I always immediately think: okay, so how does this apply to my classroom? To my lesson? Tomorrow?

In other words: I do not want to be bored with theoretical knowledge, ideas or criteria.

I want practical examples, lesson ideas I can apply immediately and activities that require only a little bit of time to prepare. Preferably none.

With that idea in mind, I created these online courses.

You will not just learn about CLIL when you follow my courses.

You will experience the activities. It's not just: do this and that. 

By experiencing the activities yourself, you gain a better understanding of what it feels like to do the activities as a student.

And even better: the courses are way more interesting that way.

As a workshop leader, I find work to be the important element of that phrase.

So, instead of videos, you should view my course materials as workshops in video format.

And that is what makes my courses different.

Who is this for?

  • Teachers who want to apply CLIL to their lessons but do not know how
  • Teachers who are in need of inspiration or ideas
  • Teachers who don't have the time to prepare all of their materials on their own

Do you recognise this?
Let me help you improve your CLIL lessons!

Details of the content

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    1 year access to all online courses on CLIL
    These courses cover different topics related to CLIL: "Basics of CLIL", "Preparing and planning a CLIL Lesson", "Language skills", "Scaffolding" and "Bloom". This also includes updates and access to new materials developed during this time.
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    4 one-on-one coaching sessions
    Let me help you out with CLIL in one-hour coaching sessions. You can plan these whenever you want in the evenings (CEST) or on Mondays during the entire day

Bonus course: Crash Course language skills

All of the videos + Webinar replay ​

The entire Crash Course on Language skills will be available for your as well! 

In this Crash Course you will not only learn how to motivate students to speak English, but also how to apply feedback effectively and implement BICS & CALP.

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The investment

By now you know what you get if you sign up for this schooling.
So you are probably curious about the investment you have to make...
Remember: schooling that involves personal coaching often costs a lot!

The investment for this package deal: €297,- including taxes.
Let me help you out with taking that next step in your CLIL teaching!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you sign up but find you do not learn anything from the courses, just let me know within two weeks any you will get a full refund.

No questions asked.

That is how confident I am this material works for you!

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