Workshops and training

Workshops at your school

Looking for possible workshops for your school?

Workshops can be about a variety of topics and are always practical with lots of ideas for the lessons. The size of the group for the workshops can vary from 10 to 40 people.

Possible topics for workshops are:

  • The role of language in a CLIL lesson
  • The basics of CLIL
  • Activating students' learning
  • Scaffolding (language and learning)
  • Bloom (lower order thinkings skills and higher order thinking skills)
  • Providing effective feedback (both written and spoken)
  • Preparing a CLIL lesson
  • many more!

These workshops might take a morning, an afternoon, an entire day or even multiple days. Whatever suits your needs.

Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions!

"The topics were chosen well and the teachers learned a lot"

Karen Verdel,

Comenius College, The Netherlands

"The workshop leader was enthusiastic and informative. The benefit to new CLIL teachers was evident in their feedback and questions during and after the event."  

Kevin Schuck,

PENTA College CSG Jacob van Liesveldt, The Netherlands

The problem with workshops...

In my experience, teachers can be very inspired by workshops or a training.

They might change something in their lesson and will probably have learned some new things.

But real change will not really happen, as a one-time event like a workshop is only just that: a one-time event.

That is why I offer also online training or blended learning, combing a workshop with an online follow-up.

This helps to make sure teachers apply what they have learned in their lesson by providing not just information, but actual activities and tasks to be applied.

Interested in options for your school? Use the form below to contact me.

"Patrick is a born presenter and teacher. He is always open to various questions and ready to support every student.

I strongly advise to take this course to everybody who interested in CLIL and wants to be engaged in activities connected with CLIL implementation."

Svetlana, Russia

"I really enjoyed the videos, especially because it is not just 'talk' but you show and involve us by making us experience the activities as well"

Dr. Gottfried Thomas, Germany


If teachers want to have an even more personal experience and really need specific guidance and ideas, one on one training for teachers is also an option.

This includes a lesson observation with two hours of specific coaching, to help the teacher take that extra step.

Feel free to contact me for more details on this possibility

"Because of Patrick's help, I became much more confident in teaching CLIL and apply it more often than I used to (I even share CLIL ideas with my colleagues now)."

Mieke, The Netherlands

If you have any more questions, just let me know using the form below.