More engaging CLIL lessons without spending more time

How to get your students more involved, more motivated and more engaged by implementing CLIL strategies that take little to no time to prepare.


You sit down to prepare your next CLIL lesson. All you need to do now is plan the activities you want to do to make sure you are going to teach an inspiring and engaging lesson.

With a step-by-step plan you write down the learning objective in a minute, and select activities you know work. Both because you are confident in your own CLIL teaching and because the activities are tried and tested.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to implement CLIL to your lessons, but don't know where to start.
  •  You use the same CLIL activities over and over because you have no inspiration for new ones.
  • You are implementing CLIL in some way, but are not sure if you are doing a good enough job.
  • You feel like you are reinventing the wheel because you have very few or no colleagues to spar with.
  • You know you have to use CLIL, but are afraid you can't finish your book if you do.

Yes, you still manage to give CLIL lessons, somehow. 

Or your regular lessons, translated in English.

And yet, you keep wondering: Is what you do good enough?

The problem is

  • You have no idea if what you do is actually CLIL and that makes you feel insecure.
  • When you sit down to prepare your lesson, you don't know what to do. 
  • You are afraid others might not think your lesson is 'CLIL enough'.
  • You are nervous if you can actually motivate your students to speak English.
  • You fall back on simply translating your lesson, knowing that this is not CLIL.

Would it help when I told you you're not the only one?

During training sessions I run into challenges when it comes to preparing their lessons.

Or, to be more precise: preparing their lessons in a way that does not take forever.

They try to come up with all kinds of new and interesting ways to get the students to participate, to speak English, to be motivated.

On their own.

And that is simply not needed.

Better yet, I can help you out, with the CLIL roadmap.

What if

  • You feel confident in the way you teach CLIL.
  • You can follow a step-by-step plan to prepare your next CLIL lesson.
  • You have plenty of ideas to implement CLIL, even if you have to improvise.
  • You know a wide variety of activities to actually get students to speak in English (even when you are not standing next to them).
  • You actually start changing your regular lessons, because CLIL works for you (many CLIL teachers change their way of teaching in all of their lessons, simply because it works).

I hear you thinking: yeah right...but...

  1. 1
    It takes time to prepare your lesson in a CLIL way

    I get it! Preparing a good lesson takes time, even if you know what to do. But that is exactly the problem, right? Do you know exactly what to do? And how much time would it save you if you did?
  2. 2
    You already tried some CLIL activities and they didn't work so you feel like it too much hassle

    Fair enough. Some things work. Others don't. That is why I only share things I have tested in my own classroom. That way I know they work.
  3. 3
    CLIL is something extra you can't fit in your lesson because you already have so many other things you have to do

    Do you know what the I in CLIL stands for? Integrated. It is not the S of Separated. In other words: it should be a part of the way you teach, not some 'extra' activity during your lesson. It does not cost you any extra time in your lesson, promise.
  4. 4
    Most CLIL activities don't work for your subject because you teach a subject that is not focused on language

    I've heard this one before. For almost any subject. My own subject (mathematics) is considered 'tricky' when it comes to CLIL by a lot of people. Allow me to prove you wrong ;).
  5. 5
    You feel like you have to do everything on your own and reinvent the wheel every single time, which costs a lot of energy and time

    Maybe you are the only CLIL teacher for your subject within your school. Or maybe you are even the only CLIL teacher within your school. This does not mean you have to do everything on your own though. There are hundreds of CLIL schools around the globe, plenty of people to learn from!

The solution: The CLIL Roadmap Live

The 3-month course to help you with implementing CLIL in your lesson.

A single workshop on any topic probably has very little influence on your lesson.

But what do you think happens when you don't get one training, but a series of training sessions, during which you develop lesson materials and receive feedback on?

And instead of just doing 'something CLIL',  you get a clear step-by-step curriculum on CLIL, that includes everything relevant to CLIL teaching.

With the live group training 'The CLIL Roadmap' I help you understand CLIL, implement it and make it work.

Making sure you are 100% confident in the way you teach CLIL.

(Even if you think it cannot work for your specific subject.)

The live sessions of the CLIL Roadmap

What is CLIL & Language skills

If you want to learn about CLIL, it helps if we are talking about the same thing.

During this session we will discuss what CLIL is and what it is not. And you will walk away with practical lesson ideas you can immediately implement in your lesson.

You will also discover why that balance is not needed and what you can do in your lesson to focus on language without having to change the way you teach.

Scaffolding, Thinking skills & Activity design

Scaffolding helps students to get further along in their learning and is important for any learner. However, in a CLIL lesson, additional language support is also needed.

During this session you will learn what you can do to support both learning and language for your students.

You will also explore different activities you can implement that not only trigger a lot of language output, but also make sure all students are involved.

Lesson Planning, Feedback & Assessment

Preparing a CLIL lesson might seem daunting, or not needed, depending on your view on lesson planning.

During this session you will learn a 4-step plan to prepare any CLIL lesson with focus on both language and content without spending more time preparing.

You will also learn how to provide effective feedback on both learning and language.

What others say about the CLIL Roadmap

Patrick helped a group of teachers during the CLIL roadmap course to learn about CLIL and implement it. The participants were enthusiastic and learned a lot. We will definitely hire Patrick again if we need CLIL training again in the future.

Marco Hoek

Afdelingsleider vwo Jacob van Liesveldt

Patrick gave a CLIL course at our school which turned out to be a great match for us. Patrick taught very professionally, was flexible, and easily managed to adapt to a rather diverse group of teachers in terms of background in the area of CLIL. The workshop was very useful to us.

Lotte van der Velden

tto coordinator RSG Broklede

This was the first training in 10 years that was actually useful for me!

Aard Brouwer

Economics Teacher Comenius College

What is included in the CLIL Roadmap Live

Live training days

During 3 live sessions we dive into different topics related to CLIL in a step-by-step course that is practical, hands-on and gives you ideas you can use in your lessons. Tomorrow.

CLIL Coaching calls

Questions? Panic? Need feedback?

During the CLIL coaching calls I answer any questions you might have and help you out with challenges you run into.

CLIL Implementation call

Not sure what to do next? During the CLIL implementation calls we sit down together to prepare an activity for your next lesson so you can get going right away.

Online training

For 1 year get access to the online training "The CLIL Roadmap", which includes short videos to help you with our CLIL lessons. Which will be completely updated during the first half of 2024.

Lesson observation

To help you implement everything in your lesson, I will visit your lesson and provide you with feedback on your lesson. 

FB support group

For 1 year, you get access to a private FB group you can ask any questions you have, ask for feedback or share your successes. 

Bonus videos

5 bonus training videos that are not currently part of the online training. These include "How to get your students to take notes properly" and "How to write an effective learning objectives"

1-on-1 start-up call

To make sure the training fits your needs and to help you get the most out of the training, we will plan an online call during which I help you with your challenges and we decide on the best way forward.


To keep track of everything discussed and to make sure all of your notes can be found in one place, you will receive a workbook specifically designed for all of the live sessions.

The total package

3 live training days + lunch

1 year access to the online training + updates

1 lesson observation + coaching

1 personal online start-up call

3 online coaching calls

3 online coaching calls

1 year access the FB support group

5 bonus training videos

Total worth:

Your investment:

3 x €450,- = €1350,-







5 x €47,- = €235,-



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The investment can be covered by your school. I provide assistance getting the funding if you want.

Live session details

Location: Utrecht Area (location will be announced later)

Dates: TBA (September/October/November 2024)

Time: 10:00-16:00

Is this for you?

The CLIL Roadmap training sessions are for teachers who want to implement CLIL in their lessons, but are struggling with the 'how'.

During the session, we will discuss a lot of topics. But more importantly: prepare a lot of materials you can use in your lessons.

What I ask of you is that you try out things in your lesson and reflect upon that. We will also take time during the sessions to do just that.

Don't want to try out anything new? Sorry, I don't think this training is for you.

Willing to get more motivated students, engaging lessons and more focus on language? You are more than welcome to join!

About Patrick de Boer

With 15 years of experience teaching CLIL Mathematics in The Netherlands and publishing 10 issues of CLIL Magazine, Patrick decided to become a full time CLIL teacher trainer and coach to help CLIL teachers worldwide get in touch with each other and stop reinventing the wheel with CLIL.

With the CLIL Roadmap, Patrick shares the activities, guides and lesson frameworks he used when he taught his students. As such, they are all tried and tested and can help you out as well!

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee




I promise you will be a better CLIL teacher after completing this course. 

How I can promise this?

By comparing your knowledge and implementation of CLIL both before and after the course.

No significant improvement? Than you get a refund!

More questions? I've got you!

Can my school pay for this?

Absolutely! When you register, you can fill in the details of your school to make sure the invoice is correct.

How much time does it take to implement everything?

After every session you have to implement at least one activity, but you will have prepared the activity during the session. So it does not cost you any preparation time.

It only costs about 5 minutes to write down how it went afterwards, so we can discuss it during the sessions.

I've had training before, how is this different?

The tricky thing is: I don't know what topics have been covered by your previous training.

However, I know there are not a lot of courses like this, that not only include all of the relevant CLIL information in a structured way, but also support with coaching calls, implementation calls, a support group and a lesson observation. In other words, there really is no reason not succeed!

Can I also join just one workshop?

No, this particular course is build to help you out with CLIL step-by-step and needs certain prior knowledge to work. The only way to ensure that is by offering this as a complete course.


In short, this is what you get:

3 live training sessions +
1 lesson observation (and feedback session) +

Online training (and bonusses) +
Online group support + 

6 online group sessions +

1 lesson observation (and feedback session)

Worth a total of €2523,-

As this is a pilot, you can join for €997,- and not just start preparing your CLIL lessons faster and with less stress, but also keep doing this after the course is over because you have completely integrated it in your way of teaching!