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CLIL Magazine Spring 2016 Published

CLIL Magazine Spring 2016 Published

CLIL Magazine Spring 2016 Published

After the disappointment last year of not being able to publish a CLIL Magazine, I am happy to be able to announce the latest issue is finished and ready to be read!

New design

The first thing you might notice is the change in the design. Colours of the website have been integrated and the lay-out of the articles has been changed in order to make reading easier. The table of contents has also been changed to show the different elements of the magazine

  • Subject Specific
  • International Orientated
  • Opinionated Pieces
  • Education & Research Related

Hopefully you will find it easier to navigate through the magazine.

One more change: the magazine is now 24 pages instead of 20. It’s a small one, but still. Knowing I can fill more pages with interesting content is a great way to keep going!

Five minute read through

You can find another addition to the magazine on the back. I wrote a small paragraph on a couple of articles, for those people who do want to quickly read a little about CLIL but don’t have a lot of time. Obviously, I do hope you will be inspired to read through the magazine itself eventually though!

Want to help out?

I have been able to cut costs for this issue, making it less likely I will not be able to publish again any time soon. However, it was a close call again. So, if you have a CLIL related company and would like to advertise, please let me know!

Order single issues

As of now, I will not send out any single issues any more. This was quite troublesome, because it was relatively expensive and I did not receive payment quite a few times. The nice people over at Peecho offered to host my magazines and print them on demand in case of only a few copies. I think that’s a great deal: I don’t have to worry about payment and postage and you received magazines printed especially for you!

What are you still waiting for?

Go on, read the next issue of CLIL Magazine: Spring 216. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss out on any updates!