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CLIL Magazine Fall 2016 Published!

CLIL Magazine Fall 2016 Published!

CLIL Magazine Fall 2016 Published!

It is that time of the year again!

As an early Christmas gift I present to you: CLIL Magazine Fall 2016!

Opinionated pieces

Janet Streeter shares her ideas on the purpose of competitions in a lesson and the reason this might be a great way to motivate students. Phil Ball explains his ideas on the role of language in a CLIL lesson and provides some ideas on activating students. I also wrote a book review on his latest book: “Putting CLIL into practice”.

Subject specific

An extensive article on a geography lesson by Anouk Wiegman and Rosie Tanner explains in great detail the different rationals of CLIL and how to apply them in your lesson. Sarah Lister and Paulina Palmer explain the correlations between studying Maths and learning a second language.

International Orientated

Natalia Garcia shares her ideas on CLIL at a pre-primary school in Spain and Eric Golombek presents the first ever CLIL school in Israel!

Education and research

The use of the ‘flipped classroom’ methodology is explained by Eugenia Papaioannou from Greece and Anna Maria Perez discusses the role of gamification in CLIL lessons.

Where to find it?

If your school is subscribed, you should receive the magazines today or next week. Don’t live in The Netherlands? You can download the magazine as a PDF or read it online.

Enjoy this latest issue and let me know your thoughts!