CLIL Coaching

Do you want to know how to make CLIL work for you, in your situation, without hearing about all the things that might work for others?

Or maye you want to become a CLIL coach yourself and are looking for ways to train yourself to be able to do that.

You have come to the right place :).

Individual coaching

Lesson observations and personal advice to help you to improve your CLIL teaching.

You know what CLIL is about, but want to know how to make it work in your lesson. Now.

I get it. Instead of getting new ideas, inspiration and information, you want to start implementing CLIL.

Yet, even with all of the knowledge you have, you know there are things you can improve. Things you might not notice yourself. Things you want to get better at.

Enter: Individual coaching


Because the feedback is always based on observations of a lesson, it will be the most personalised learning experience one can imagine.


Because the feedback is provided in private coaching sessions, teachers can feel safe about sharing their experiences and challenges.

Take-away guarenteed

With years of experience observing colleagues and providing feedback, I can guarantee I can provide improvements after every lesson observations.

A few responses from coaching sessions

"We had Patrick do both a workshop and a feedback session after lesson visits. Both were highly appreciated but it was the personal feedback on their lessons colleagues appreciated most in particular because of Patrick’s down-to-earth approach and extremely helpful tips and tops. We’ll definitely invite him again."

Jan van den Bos - Da Vinci College

The Netherlands

"Because of Patrick's help, I became much more confident in teaching CLIL and apply it more often than I used to (I even share CLIL ideas with my colleagues now)."  


The Netherlands

"I would like to thank you again for the coaching session. After implementing your ideas I noticed students started to pay more attention and to enjoy the lessons even more"



Patrick noticed things I did not realise myself, even after teaching CLIL for many years. Thanks for opening my eyes to these blind spots!


The Netherlands

CLIL Coach training

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