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Looking for ways to improve your CLIL lesson?

Do you feel you do not have enough time to prepare all of the CLIL activities?

Need more ideas for activities and lesson moments?

I know the feeling

For years I felt like I was reinventing the wheel whenever I prepared my CLIL lessons..

I could not possibly be the only teacher in the world who was preparing CLIL lessons, right? 
So why was it so hard to not just come up with ideas, but find fellow teachers to work together with or online information to help me out?

That's when I decided to start developing these materials myself:

With the resources on this website, including online courses and free training, I want to make sure you have less of a rough start than I did.

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Look around and be sure to sign up for the free training below!

What else can you find on this website?

CLIL Magazine

Check out my magazine! The CLIL Magazine was a free publication with articles by experts and teachers of CLIL.

Free ideas and articles

I frequently write a blog post on something related to CLIL. Be inspired by lesson ideas, inspirational posts and in-depth explanations.

Workshops & Training

Want to develop more CLIL expertise for your team? I have hosted various types of workshops and trainings for schools in The Netherlands. 

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  • Meet fellow CLIL teachers from all over the world
  • Be inspired by frequent live videos and mini-masterclasses
  • Ask questions and receive help

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