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This online training is a complete approach to everything related to CLIL.

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You want to

  • Have practical lesson ideas you can use immediately
  • Have list of over 30+ ready-to-use CLIL activities
  • Learn from the challenges of fellow teachers
  • Know exactly what to do to next improve your CLIL teaching

You no longer need to

  • Read all the books to find one activity that works for you
  • Spend hours to find a nice activity on the internet
  • Look for inspiration from fellow CLIL teachers
  • Feel overwhelmed with everything you 'need' to do

Why join the CLIL Quality Roadmap?

With this unique, step-by-step approach to CLIL you will learn about everything related to CLIL without having to read all of the books.

During this course you will learn how to apply CLIL to your lesson in a practical, easy-to-implement way.

Short videos

WIth a maximum length of 15 minutes, the videos can be watched whenever you have time.

Lifetime access

You gain access to everything for the rest of your life, including updates and additional modules.


Accessible from any device and location, you have a vast amount of knowledge at your fingertips.

Ready to use activities

A database of 30+ activities you can use in your CLIL lesson.

The modules of the CLIL Quality Roadmap

Want to know what is offered in this online training?

Below you can find all of the modules included in the CLIL Quality Roadmap.

Module 1: What is CLIL?

Are you new to CLIL and wondering what CLIL is all about and how it relates to teaching? 

This will be completely clear after going through this module!

Everything you need to know to be able to start with CLIL is included in this module.

What lessons are included in this module

  • Definition of CLIL
  • The four C's
  • Soft and hard CLIL
  • Benefits of CLIL
  • Challenges of CLIL
  • Common misconceptions
  • Other types of language learning
  • CLIL and L1 teaching

Module 2: Language Skills

Language is an essential part of CLIL. But how do you integrate the language skills in your lesson effectively? That is what will be covered in this module. Including the number 1 challenge of every CLIL teacher: How to make the students speak?!

What lessons are included in this module

  • Language as a tool
  • Language Skills
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Differentiation on language
  • Classroom English
  • PIF

Module 3: Scaffolding & Thinking skills

Making learning as effective as possible is important for every teacher, not just CLIL teachers. But one could argue scaffolding language is something that might even be more important in a CLIL lesson.

In this module all the details around scaffolding and thinking skills are discussed.

What lessons are included in this module

  • What is scaffolding?
  • What is NOT scaffolding?
  • Three types of scaffolds
  • Scaffolding language
  • Scaffolding learning
  • Scaffolding in your lesson
  • Thinking skills overview
  • LOTS
  • HOTS
  • Practical lesson ideas

"I really enjoyed the videos, especially because it is not just 'talk' but you show and involve us by making us experience the activities as well"

Dr. Gottfried Thomas


Module 4: Activity design

Knowing how CLIL works is one thing, but actually being able to apply it is another.

The best way to start is by taking small steps. No need to change everything at once, just an activity at a time.

In this module the steps to creating effective CLIL activities are discussed.

What lessons are included in this module

  • CLIL activity elements
  • Effective tasks
  • Differentiating activities

Module 5: Lesson stages

Planning a CLIL lesson can take more time than you might want to spend on it.

During this module every aspect of preparing a CLIL lesson will be discussed, to make sure you can prepare it in as little time as possible!

What lessons are included in this module

  • Lesson stages overview
  • Opening
  • Informing
  • Applying
  • Reflecting
  • Discussing homework and tests
  • Step by step preparation

Module 6: Feedback & Assessment

Giving effective feedback might be even more of a challenge in a CLIL lesson compared to non-CLIL lessons.

During this module the different types of feedback are explained, and you will learn different ways to assess in a CLIL lesson.

What lessons are included in this module

  • Language in assessment
  • Effective feedback
  • Feedback on spoken output
  • Feedback on written output
  • Using rubrics
  • ICT & Feedback

"Patrick is a born presenter and teacher. He is always open to various questions and ready to support every student. I strongly advise to take this course to everybody who interested in CLIL and wants to be engaged in activities connected with CLIL implementation."



Module 7: CLIL for your subject

Applying CLIL to your subject can be tricky. Especially if you have to figure it all out on your own.

By sharing and collaborating with fellow subject teachers, creating CLIL activities becomes not just easier, but also more fun!

What lessons are included in this module

  • Language in your lesson
  • 6 CLIL activities for every subject
  • Subject specific lesson ideas

Module 8: Curriculum planning

Preparing a single lesson is important, but a lesson is almost always part of a lesson series. This means CLIL activities can also be implemented over a longer period of time.

This does not just save you time as you do not need to create the same activities every lesson, it also creates a clear learning path for students.

What lessons are included in this module

  • Planning an effective lesson series
  • No prep time CLIL Activities

Module 9: Quality Collaboration

Just like a lesson is always part of a lesson series, a teacher is always part of an organization.

During this module the collaboration possibilities of teachers will be discussed. As it is impossible to change policies by watching a video, suggestions are made to improve the collaboration within a team.

What lessons are included in this module

  • ESL within a CLIL organization
  • Cross curricular projects
  • Effective observations
  • The use of portfolios
  • CLIL in your organisation

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